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2006-08-30 10:14:00
Jag äter hallon med en känsla av att vara beroende, vad innehåller hallon som kan göra mig så? Är det någon som kan svara på det? Är det möjligen något jag saknar, någon mineral?

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Tommy Demander
2006-10-19 00:47:59
Alla barn älskar hallon!!!!!Från boken " Spiritual Properties of Herbs", av Gurudas.Cassandra Press,1988. The properties of raspberry are especially strong in the leaf. What also occurs for men, woman and children is the ability to have a childlike frame of mind for the incorporation of more joy. The awareness of the fun of life and a sense of relaxation develops, especially if one has been too intensely involved in spiritual practices. There is an ability to see with the eyes of a child. With the innocence of a child one may be able to open many levels and understandings that as an adult one has learned to shut off. There is a certain danger and surprise in such seeing, because sometimes what an adult recognizes is more than they permit in their adult life. Eating raspberry may ease this. What occurs when one takes any part of raspberry is a deeper sense of joyfulness and bonding between two individuals. Detta och 2 sidor till står i den boken.

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