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2012-04-24 18:47:53
När och hur tappar jag effektivast grankåda? Det sägs ju att stelnad ska funka lika bra men lite besvärlig rensning och jag har sämre tro på stelnad än färsk. Någon med mer erfarenhet kring detta?

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2012-07-14 11:30:46
Aug22moreSby This is where lynch mobs shloud come in. If any of our 031 crew finds this guy, the peeps shloud be phoned and the bastard cornered. Enough damage could be inflicted on this guy to make him trully believe that he is no longer above the law that we all co-exist under and rely on for our safety and daily peace of mind. You catch him, call me. I have a pair of dirty boots that need to get polishe, and what better than to use this guys face and nuts.

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