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 Theta Healing course near Pitea
2009-01-10 21:50:12
Hello, everybody, my name is Antonella I\\\'m writing in English, I hope it\\\'s ok, since I don\\\'t speak Swedish yet I\\\'m writing to inform you of a course you might be interested in In February I\\\'m teaching a Theta Healing Basic DNA course in Storsund, Pitea. Theta Healing is a meditative technique that uses a theta brainwave and a connection with All That Is to co-create healings, change in beliefs, manifestations and so much more It\\\'s an amazing and easy technique that everybody can learn and use right away in theire life, the only prerequisite is a belief in a creative Source or God, the religion or spirituality or name is not important, Theta Healing is for everyone The course will be in English and it\\\'s a 3 day course If you are interested or know anybody who might be interested please let me know you can find the flyer of the course and more info on Theta Healing at this address in the theta healing page For any questions you can write me or call me Thank you Lots of blessings, Antonella Ercolani

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